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Generally you need to understand that as an insured you will fall into one of 3 distinct market niches: non standard, standard and preferred. Survival guarantees the best rate for the non standard and standard market segments.One way we save you money is to make sure you are being quoted in the correct market segment, because this is one of the biggest ways to save you money.

Note here - agents work for companies and only can provide you the rates of one or two products that are most often NOT in your market niche. What is important to understand about service is as follows. When you purchase insurance with Survival you are in part engaging us to run interference for you with the insurance companies. In essence you have become part of a "buying group" that collectively has far more power with insurance companies than any individual could. It is routine for Survival to intervene on our clients behalf to ensure among other things that the claim you may receive is fair and not underpaid.
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Insurance agents represent their company – not you.
Survival represents you legally – not the insurance company.
This makes all the difference in the world.
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